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VAT Services in Peterborough

VAT and Partially Exempt organisations

Moore Stephens in Peterborough offer a wide range of VAT services including :-

  • Help and advice about initial registration for VAT in the UK and across the EU
  • Advice about the various VAT schemes that are available
  • Help with VAT investigations
  • Advice about the rules for VAT and Charities
  • How to apply VAT to construction & property transactions and when you should do this
  • Advice about the rules for VAT and partially exempt organisations
  • Advice about the rules relating to second-hand goods
  • Advice regarding international transactions
  • VAT healthchecks and training
  • and many, many more.

While these are the day-to-day problems,we can also help with VAT planning and training for businesses, the rules relating to exports and imports and even the thorny area of saving VAT on work done on listed buildings.

For more details of the services we can provide please see the services menu above or contact us.


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